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Tianna's Quilt

"A stunning display of craftsmanship and hard work."

I used a Leaflet pantograph design for this quilt. It measures 68"x 76" and fits perfectly on Tianna's queen size mattress.

Below is a message from Tianna:

"I was lucky enough to have received this beautiful quilt from Allison and I could not be happier with the hard work that she put into quilting it.

It's easy to see that Allison took the time to carefully guide the long-arm over the top of this quilt creating a gorgeous leaf pattern.

I've never seen such care and attention to detail. The design is intricate and features such lovely spirals.

How she has sewn the border on without leaving a single stitch showing is still a mystery to me.

This quilt lives on my bed and it makes me so happy to see it laid out flat every morning after I make the bed.

I am proud to be the owner of such a masterpiece.

Thank you Allison for this beautiful piece of art that I will treasure forever."

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